Current E-Board

President: Eleanor Rappolee

 Eleanor is a junior studying Geology, She’s super gneiss, tuff, and a little wacke. Some of her favorite things to do include rock climbing and listening to classic/post/progressive rock. Apart from making geology puns, she also enjoys traveling and backpacking.
Phone: 313-909-6360




Vice-President: Dan Durbin

Dan is a sophomore zoology major here at MSU. He loves long walks on the beach and short lines at REI. His fave outdoor activities are canoeing, backpacking, white water rafting and mountain biking. He’d love to answer any questions you have about anything outdoors, but if he does not know he is really good at making stuff up so feel free to call him with any questions you have.
Phone: 734-546-1973




Treasurer: Stephanie Nagy

Well, cents you asked, Stephanie is a junior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in French and Communicative Sciences and Disorders. If you have a good (or bad) joke, she’ll treasure it forever! Most of the time, you can find her climbing her way through life. She also really enjoys ice climbing, hiking/ backpacking, camping, and hammocking.
Phone: 586-943-6679




Public Relations: Monica Williamson

Monica is a junior anthropology major interested in indigenous rights. She digs hammocking and hiking, and typically can be found near the water with pens & paints. OC always brings her new opportunities to explore her place in the world. She aims to reflect the clubs adventurous, neighborly atmosphere and to be a resource for new members!
Phone: 248-830-5958




Public Relations: Sara Campbell

Sara is a sophomore majoring in plant biology, but is pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a surgeon. She hails from a small rural town called Richmond, where she was raised to hunt and fish and cherish life. In the summertime, if she isn’t cultivating her herb garden, chances are she took off for an extended backpacking adventure. She loves a good story, talking to strangers, and dancing in the moonlight. Sara is looking forward to making connections for the club and convincing people to give you things!
Phone: 810-310-0571



Gear manager: Sean Walbridge

Sean is a junior majoring in Urban and Regional Planning. He loves rock climbing, ice climbing, hiking, camping, and repeatedly commenting on how pretty things are  when outdoors. Some real testimonies of his character include: “nice smile” –His mom, “wow, great guy”-Spider-man, “fun at picnics” –Abraham Lincoln. If you need gear just send him an email, contact him on Facebook, or shoot him a text; he will be sure to get you what you need quickly for your next adventure.
Phone: 248-217-6510



Gear manager: Ayla Skelton

Ayla is a junior majoring in zoology focusing on all the general stuff and genetics. When not holed up somewhere crying about homework you can find her in her natural habitat: the outdoors. Practically raised in the backwoods of Tennessee, Ayla has yet to experience a day without going outside at least once. Though she loves backpacking, climbing, camping, sleeping on her balcony, getting dirty, cuddling with her dog, and exploring anything and everything, her passion lies with paddling. Put her in the water and you might not see her for days!
Phone: 248-296-4289



Historian: Vanessa Thomas

Vanessa (@poopyvans) is a microbiology senior minoring in the history, philosophy, and sociology of science (HPS). When she’s not camping out at club lib, she enjoys rock climbing, back country camping, hiking, getting that ‘bonfire’ smell stuck in her hair for a week. You can also possibly catch her doing somewhat outdoorsy activities such as: crying about how cute outdoorsy mom Instagram accounts are on a daily basis, surviving off of idahoan instant mashed potatoes, or being a Costco connoisseur.
Phone: 586-943-4230



Secretary: Judson VanWyk

This “dirty hippie” is a Environmental Bio/Microbio senior but will be here another year because he is Wilder. He enjoys _______________ (place ANY outdoor activity in the blank) and trying new things. snorkeling/ being wet, hiking, any board sport, climbing anything, and camping (WiNTer) are some of his favorite activities. You can probably spot him riding his bike no handed in the road while grooving to the ride vibe. Be careful spending too much time around him, you may catch a cool. I did not write this. He took a pull of maple syrup after not writing this.
Phone: 248-520-9301

Secretary: Evan Fischer

I’m writing this bio, Evan Fischer’s my name. I hope you read it twice, cause it will be my rise to fame.
I was born and raised in the metro of the D. Now I’m at MSU to pursue that degree.
My major of choice is Environmental studies. Anyone wanna be my friend, I’m always looking for buddies.
The activities I enjoy are really not that small. I’m always looking for new things, I want to try them all.
If I had to choose a favorite, I’d choose my unicycle fo sho. I ride it all the time, even in the snow.
My other favs are climbing and hiking. It’s pretty hard to find an outdoorsy activity not to my liking.
Welp, that’s all about me, I said it in a nutshell. I hope to meet you soon, and listen to stories that you’ll tell.
Phone 248-408-3733

Webmaster: Sydney Clark

Sydney is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. When she is not in the engineering building she enjoys searching for dessert recipes she can make in her dorm room. Her favorite outdoor activities are backpacking, running, biking, and swimming.
Phone: 248-470-6535