Meeting Minutes 4/24

Good afternoon OCers!
At the meeting we brainstormed as a group about improvements for the club next year. Thoughts from the discussion can be found in the following document:    OC 2017 Improvements
Yoga in the Garden
Do you like yoga? Do you like gardens? Do you like garden style yoga? Well, then I have good news for you! There will be a destressing yoga session on Monday May 1st from 5:45 to 7:00pm in the Botanical Gardens behind the library. You don’t need to be a paying member of the OC to come, but you do need to bring your own yoga mat. Don’t have a yoga mat? Then just bring a towel! Oh, and guess what you don’t have to bring? Money! That’s right, this event is absolutely FREE! Hope to see you there!
Hugh Heward
Like paddling? Hate paddling and never want to get in another boat after doing Campus to Coast? Well, look no further than the Hugh Heward Canoe race on Saturday April 29th! There are 3 different options for the race: A full Hugh (50 miles from Dimondale to Portland), a half Hugh (25 miles from Grand Ledge to Portland), or a quarter Hugh (13 miles from Charlotte Bridge to Portland). The full Hugh is going to be launching at 7am, the half will be launching at 9am, and the quarter will be launching at 11am. It’s almost like there’s a pattern…The cost for this event is $10 per person, and you will need to supply your own boat. If you want more info on this event, then hit up our paddling maestro, Dan Durbin.
REI Garage Sale
Did you just read the last section about the Hugh Heward and think “$10 per person seems fine, but I really want a chance to spend a lot more money”. Well, look no further than the REI garage sale this weekend! On Saturday the 29th, a few of us will be headed down to Ann Arbor to take advantage of those sweet deals. It’s almost like candy. That’s how sweet the deals are. We will be, ideally, leaving around 6am in the morning, so that we can have the best selection. You need to be a member of REI to go the garage sale (seriously, if you’re not a member become one! Best decision ever!), and bring your wallet. This is a great opportunity to stock up on gear for all of your summer trips! If you want to come, please fill out this doc so we can get a rides list going!
Moosejaw Ping Pong Tourney
Moosejaw is going to be hosting a ping pong tournament this Saturday from 5-8pm. There will be FREE food and prizes. If you want to sign up for this awesome event, sign up on the google doc. If you want more info, contact Dan Durbin. Here’s the signup!

Ping Pong Tourney Sign Up


Doing a cool trip this summer? We want to hear about it in the fall! Sign up to present about your awesome summer trip with this google doc!
Like being asked more questions? You got it! Do you have awesome trip ideas for the school year, or would you be potentially interested in joining a committee to help run said trips? Awesome! Then sign up to be a potential committee member with this spreadsheet below!

Potential Trip Planning Committee Members

If you want more info on either of those 2 signups, then contact our new president, Dan Bomzer.
Signing out for now,
Evan Fischer
MSUOC Secretary




Meeting Minutes 4/10

Hey y’all,

Yesterday was election day and here are the election results!

President: Dan Bomzer
Vice President: Dannyboy Durbin
Treasurer: Eleanor Rappolee
Secretaries: Evan Fischer and Monica Williamson
PR: Sara Campbell and Sam Jones-Jackson
Gear managers: Sean Walbridge and Jud Van Wyk
Historian: Tyler Yezman
Web master: Sydney Clark
We are also happy to announce that the new C2C director is Joe Dewan!

The new Eboard will not be effective immediately so please still get ahold of the board members from this year if needs be.

Bikes of all types!

This Saturday April 15th, the MSU surplus store will be having their annual Spring Bike Sale. It will be from 9-2pm at the Surplus Store which is located on Farm Lane just south of Service Road. There will be around 500 bikes of all conditions, some ridable and some that need some work. If you have any questions about purchasing a bike Dan Durbin will be there to answer any questions you have.

Campus to Coast

We are still looking for volunteers so come out and give us a hand. You’ll be able to watch the paddlers paddle, water move, and have fun with friends! Volunteer at a campsite and get a night in for the 40 Night Challenge.

There will be a short mandatory meeting for volunteers and participants right after the OC meeting on Monday.

Also, here is a message from Dan Durbin regarding C2C. V V V


Campus To Coast update, If you guys have not noticed the water levels have risen dramatically and have become a safety concern. These water levels have made it impossible to clear out the red cedar, and made paddling under certain bridges impossible. With current conditions being what they are we have decided to remove the red cedar from the race course this year. We will be starting the race in Lansing instead; we have not finalized our new start location, but will have one posted soon. I apologize for any inconvenient but your safety is our number one concern. Please execute extreme caution while training for the race the river is very dangerous, paddle in groups, wear you PFD, and use common sense. If you have any question please comment or reach out to me directly. Also You have to have your money by Friday this week after that there will be a 10$ late fee.

Dan Durbin
Campus to Coast Race Director

 Bummed you didn’t get nights yet for the 40 night challenge? Want to prove to yourself you can do it and go on an exclusive backpacking trip with the other finishers? Good news for you then!
 The 40 Night Challenge ends September 13th so you have plenty of time. Go camp in your back yard, in the woods, or sleep on your front porch because you were drunk and forgot your keys. Any way you sleep outside counts along as it is not in a permanent shelter. Get a hold of me, Jud, to report your nights so I can add them to the spreadsheet. My number is 248-520-9301 and you can text me with the number of nights you have so far. Id love to see a big list of finishers this year so get on out!!!
Come to our last meeting of the semester next Monday and get through the rest of this semester!
Come to crunchy after too, you need a study break.
Secretary out,


P.S. – Shoutout to George Stockman for counting our votes!

Meeting Minutes 4/3

Hey gang!

Hope you had a good weekend, and you’re looking forward to another week of outdoorsy activities. Here’s what went down at the meeting.

Learn to Backpack

Learn to backpack is this weekend, and it is FULL. Sorry guy and gals that wanted to get on this trip. Sydney Clark will be sending out a more detailed itinerary and packing list in the next day or two, so keep checking your inboxes for that. There will also be a suggested food list, and much more detail. Whoah! How cool is that?!?

Campus to Coast

Want to have a chance to volunteer for a super cool event? And get to meet paddling legends? And get to cheer on other paddlers? Well, the list goes on and on. If you’re free the weekend of April 21st, then you should volunteer for campus to coast (if you’re not already doing anything *cough* racing *cough*). You must be able to volunteer for at least 4 hours, and you also get a free meal and shirt for volunteering. What a great deal! If you’re interested in signing up to volunteer, just head on over to this link.

IMPORTANT!! Money for the race is due on Friday, April 7th, and the last chance to drop is Monday April 10th. The payment must be paid in either cash or check. I repeat. CASH OR CHECK. No fancy electronic venmo or whatnot. If you’re writing a check, make it payable to “MSU Outdoors Club”. Give the payment to either Dan Durbin or Vanessa Thomas.

DIY Canoe Rack

2 hours, and 4 Home Depot employees later, this was complete. If you want to know how a canoe rack was made, talk to Vanessa for more info.

BANFF Movie Festival

This is going to take place in Ann Arbor on April 11th from 7pm-10pm. If there is enough interest, there might be a carpool organized, so be sure to check the facebook page. If you want more information on what exactly this festival is, check out this link!

Eboard Elections

These are next Monday, so they are coming up fast! If you’re thinking of running and haven’t done so already, email Eleanor so she can get an idea of who is running. The positions are:

-President (1 year on eboard prior)
-Vice President
-Treasurer (1 year on eboard prior)
-Public Relations (2)
-Secretary (2)
-Gear Manager (2)
-Web Master

If you’re interested in running for any of those positions, then I would recommend talking to the current eboard member who holds that position. This is how the eboard elections will run:

-Give a 2-3 minute speech
-You will be asked questions after the speeches
-Then members will vote

You must be a paying member in order to vote, and must have your membership card. If you have any questions, contact Eleanor.

OC Easter Egg Hunt

Are you staying on campus for Easter? Well, if so, you should participate in the Easter egg hunt this year. This is pretty much a scavenger hunt, except with Moosejaw flags. Pretty much, whoever collects the most flags wins! Winning team gets a new OC t shirt too. Find a team of about 2-3 people, and sign up on the google doc that will be posted soon. If you don’t have a team then no worries! Just post on the facebook page or sign up anyways, and we’ll pair you with someone! This event will take place on April 15th at 1:00pm at the rock.

That’s all folks! Hope you have a great week!

Pun of the week: A clock that is hungry goes back four seconds.

Hope to see you all soon!

Evan Fischer

MSUOC Secretary

Meeting Minutes 3/27

Hey everyone,

Today was the last day to order shirts sorry y’all, we have old ones in the gear room.

Learn to Backpack weekend and is coming up April 7th to the 9th. This trip is along the Manistee River Trail. There is a cap of 35 people and its filling up fast so if you’re interested sign up in the google doc. For more information check out the Facebook event page.

The cost of this trip is $10 to assure payment to the drivers, we know things happen and feel this will make things easier.

This Friday the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour is coming to the rock!

Be there early with one item of clothing, any brand, that you’d like to be fixed. They’ll make it stylish.

Sadly they only fix 40 items per day and 1 per customer. If there are 41 people in line and you are the last one what do you think will happen? If you want it fixed then get there early. It sounds like a competition to me.

Starts at 9am, so that means be there earlier unless you just wanna watch.

There will be a Compass Navigation Workshop held in the Map Library on April 3rd from 4 to 5 pm.

More information and registration click here.

This event is a great way to prepare for POCAR next year. Its never to early to train!


Positions available:

  • President (*requires being on E-board for one year)
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer (*requires being on E-board for one year)
  • Secretary (2 positions)
  • Public Relations (2 positions)
  • Gear Manager (2 positions)
  • Webmaster
  • Historian
Show up to vote, must be a paid member.
Bring your card or we can look you up.
Speech 2-3 min and must include..
  • How have you been involved in the club?
  • What leadership experiences do you have?
  • What skills do you have because of these experiences that make you the best candidate for this position?
Email Eleanor the position you want to run for:

By the way you missed a great presentation by Ayla, one of our gear managers, about paddling the Huron river. Why should you paddle the Huron? Its freakin sweeet, and it gives you the chance to paddle to Lake Erie!

BANFF Mountain Film Festival

Advance tickets: $12/students; $15/others
At the Door: $15/students; $17/others

A rides list will be made if enough people express interest. You could go and climb before at Planet Rock which is about 10 min away, just an idea.

Michigan Theater
603 E. Liberty St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Campus to Coast : April 21st-April 23rd

Campus to Coast is full, but it is still in need of volunteers!
For more info on the gear required for C2C take a look at this video.

Campus to Coast: Bike Edition
On the same weekend there will be another group of people biking along the Campus to Coast route! There is no formal sign up for the trip, but if you’re interested contact Drew Vandergrift for more info. If you would like to volunteer to drive the bikes from Grand Haven back to East Lansing let him know, it will be greatly appreciated! There is no cost for this event, but you will need to provide your own gear and carry all your food and shelter for 3 days on your bike. For more information about the race route, click here.
If you love paddling, but couldn’t make it to Campus to Coast, check out the Hugh Heward race the following weekend. It’s only 50 miles and I hear its a blast!

Contact me if you are interested in the 40 Night challenge or have more nights to add. Go sleep outside, get 40 nights and then go on a cool backpacking trip with those who made it! You have until September so you have plenty of time!

Have a great week!


A Secretary

Meeting Minutes 3/20

Hey everyone!

 OC Bar Crawl (21+)

There’s going to be a barcrawl this Friday, March 24th. We are going to be starting at Vanessa’s and Eleanor’s house at 6. From there we’re going to start the official bar crawl at crunchy’s at 6. Bring money for booze and tips, and you don’t have to buy a drink at every bar. Here is our itinerary for the night in case you wanna drop in and say hello! Also keep checking the event page, as Vanessa will be posting updates about where we are.

  • Pregame 6:00
  • Crunchy’s 7:00
  • PTs 8:00
  • Pinball Pete’s? 9:00
  • The Riv 10:00
  • Tin Can 11:00
  • Crunchy’s Karaoke 12:00

If anyone’s interested in this event, check out the facebook page for more info!

OC Shirts

The OC shirts are almost here! They’re going to be going to be long sleeve synthetic, and will cost $15. The last day to place orders will be March 27th. Bring your money to Eleanor. Also, this is what they’ll look like:

 Manistee River Trip

Amela Fili is hosting a backpacking trip to the Manistee River from March 31st – April 2nd.  If you’re interested in going on this trip, contact her or sign up on this sweet google doc.

Learn to Backpack

If you want to try out backpacking, then come on our learn to backpack trip! Its going to be the weekend of April 7th, and the cost will be $10 for gas. If you don’t have gear, feel free to post on the page, or check out gear from the gear room. We will be going up to Manistee River Trail (the same place that Amela is going the week before), and it might be cold so layer up. You’ll be in teams of about 7 people with a leader, and you’ll learn all the essentials of backpacking. The last day to drop is Monday, April 3rd. If you’re interested in this trip, sign up on the google doc, or contact Sydney Clark for more info.

Patagonia Worn Wear Tour

Do you have any sort of clothes that are in need of repair? Well, in an effort to divert clothing from landfills, Patagonia is coming to MSU and will repair and of your clothes in need (Patagonia or not) for free! Check out the facebook page for more info and specific times/locations.

Campus to Coast

Registration is closed, but we are looking for volunteers! Any amount of time you can give the weekend of April 24th would be greatly appreciated. It is also a way to get familiar with the event in preparation for next year! Visit Campus to Coast 2017 for more info.

Pun of the week: Eating a clock is very time consuming.

Evan Fischer

MSUOC Secretary